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1-LB bag each of Hempagizer Protein Blast & Toasted Hemp Seeds w/ Sea Salt.

Hemp protein is more digestible than meat, whole eggs cheese, human milk or cows milk, and any other source of high protein food. Why? Because it carries 18-amino acids including the 9 essential, which makes it easily digestible and great for the body.

Hemp seeds are an excellent source of essential fatty acids including Omega 3, 6 and the rarely found Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) plus they are rich in vitamin E. You don't have to be bodybuilder to enjoy this. Use them both in smoothies or add baked goods.

As a bonus this combo is:

  • Gluten Free, Sugar Free
  • Vegan, Functional Food, Vegetarian, Paleo, Macro Friendly Dieting
  • Nut Free, Soy Free, Dairy free, but not Free of Taste
  • Diabetic Friendly
  • Non-GMO
  • Easy to Eat

All our products are Gluten Free and packaged in a certified gluten free, peanut free, Kosher facility in Michigan, U.S.A.

Eating hemp seeds can reduce inflammation in the body, thus reducing ailments cause by inflammatory problems such as joint and muscle pain. Hemp seeds do not carry CBD. The magic is the whole food, plant-based protein nutrition including the omegas and magnesium.