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Gluten Free but not free of taste! Excellent nutrition including lots of magnesium.

Did you know, many folks who suffer with gluten intolerance or celiac may not be getting enough magnesium? (We're not trying to diagnose. It's the buzz we've heard thru the grapevine and from our customers. Check with your nutritionist or doctor.

Three (3) outstanding products providing Maximum Nutrition, Minimum Consumption

Lady Jane's Hemp Hearts are raw hulled hemp seeds. The texture and taste is similar to a pine nut. Three (3) tablespoons on a salad will provide you with 10g of complete protein. Add them to anything and everything. Smoothies, veggies, pastas, soups; they lend to savory or sweet dishes.

Lady Jane Hemp Flour is great to add to any recipe. The fact that hemp is Gluten Free is simply a bonus. It will bring iron, protein and the much needed magnesium which many lack in their diets today. We suggest substituting up to 50% of the flour being called for in a recipe. It has a mild nutty flavor and lends to sweet or savory recipes. Hemp Flour really enhances muffin recipes with taste and nutrition.

Lady Jane Fabulous Flap Jacks. These are the BEST pancakes you'll ever eat! Phil Lambert, The Super Guru says so and give them a "hit" claiming they're as good as his grandma's! (check out his video). Our pancakes are not empty carbs and sugars. For starters, you'll get 13g of protein and 25% iron. Yes, you can make waffles, just add a bit of oil when mixing.

A recipe idea using our Flap Jack's. Our daughter must eat gluten free. She takes the Flap Jack's and adds some savory spices to the mix. Then uses it as a GF bread coating for fried green tomatoes, fish or other foods she wants to add a nice crunch to.

All our products are Gluten Free and packaged in a certified gluten free, peanut free, Kosher facility in Michigan, U.S.A.

Eating hemp seeds can reduce inflammation in the body, thus reducing ailments cause by inflammatory problems such as joint and muscle pain. Hemp seeds do not carry CBD. The magic is the whole food, plant-based protein nutrition including the omegas and magnesium.