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The best in plant protein! You don't have to be vegan to enjoy these. This perfect combo set can be for any person in your life, especially those who seeks great nutrition and also choose to eat only plant based foods, this is a perfect match! These are our special blended products that say I love you and I want you to eat healthful. (I have seen lots of Vegan products that are not all that great on nutrition. Like many products toting the claim of Gluten Free, those words don't always mean its healthful to eat!) Not so with our products. Our Vegan Flap Jacks carry 10g of protein per serving. GalaxSEED Energy Bar Mix has 8g of power packed protein. Galaxseed is a unique concept because you can quickly make 16 no-bake bars and YOU are in control of your sweetener. If you are into no-sugar you can use coconut oil. You don't have to make the bars either, you can add 2.5 TBSP of this delicious powerful blend to cereals, oatmeal or salads to get and our 4.2oz bag of Toasted Hemp Seeds with sea salt are great to snack on or put in a salad to bring outstanding protein with 18-amino acids - all for only $32.00 which includes shipping. There is not better way to let a person know you care about them than to give them a gift packed with nutrition. Check out our other gift boxes or build your own if your feeling a bit more generous.

All our products are Gluten Free and packaged in a certified gluten free, nut free, Kosher facility in Michigan, U.S.A.