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This awesome combo set is great for the vegan in your life! Our Vegan Flap Jacks with our GalaxSEED Energy Bar Mix and 4.2oz bag of our Toasted Hemp Seeds with Sea Salt. Then we top it off by including a 12oz jar of Pure Maple Syrup from Michigan. You don't have to be vegan to enjoy these delicious foods.

The word "vegan" doesn't always mean healthful eating! I've seen lots of vegan products that are not all that great on nutrition. That's not so with our products. Maximum Nutrition, Minimum Consumption

Our Vegan Flap Jacks carry 10g of plant protein per serving and are packed with iron.  Gluten Free is a bonus.

GalaxSEED Energy Bar Mix is quick, easy and flexible for dietary needs. It makes into 16 raw bars that have 8g of protein each. This mix is a unique concept. You are in control of your sweetener. All you do is add 1/2 cup of your sweetener of choice to quickly make 16 no-bake bars. (see our video) If you desire no-sugar, use coconut oil.

This powerhouse GalaxSEED blend gives you options too. You don't have to make the bars. You can add 2.5 TBSP of this delicious hemp blend to cereals, oatmeal or salads to get the super nutrition boost of 8g of protein that's packed with omegas, iron and magnesium.

Our 4.2oz bag of Toasted Hemp Seeds w/ Sea Salt is included in this combo pack. These crunchy, tasty seeds are great to snack on or put in a salad. They will bring outstanding protein with 18-amino acids right to the palm of your hand.

All this for only $45.00.  A perfect gift for under $50.00 too!

All our products are Gluten Free and packaged in a certified gluten free, nut free, Kosher facility in Michigan, U.S.A.