Better Way Botanicals



Our mission is to bring better options for better healthful choices.



We've been providing better access to better healthful choices using hemp since 2010.

Better Way Botanical’s mission is to help with nourishing the endocannabinoid system by supplying phytonutrients compounds from hemp. Scientific studies indicate a properly balanced endocannabinoid system may be a key component in healthful body function. Since 2009, L & J Enterprises’ focus has been to provide nutrition with hemp, bringing you better healthful food choices. Our brands of Cousin Mary Jane and Lady Jane Gourmet Seed Co have delicious options so you can enjoy hemp in your daily diet. The Jane's are now joined with another Better Way to #EatSomeHemp. We've included options for your pets too!  Our EBook will provide you with more details. Feel free to print this booklet and share with those you love.
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300 Lemon Drops

$ 42.00

500 Cinnamon Drops

$ 68.00

750 Peppermint Drops

$ 89.00

Peppy Feet 2oz

$ 84.99

Better Face-It

$ 45.00

PetPAWfection 16oz

$ 65.00

PetPAWfection 8oz

$ 38.00