We'd love to partner with your store, coffee shop, deli, food service, cafeteria, restaurant or distribution company.

Our products are unique and offer functional food options that are nutritionally dense. From sport nutrition to healthful snack choices for children, we have a variety of products that allow for dietary flexibility and provide maximum nutrition with minimum consumption.

The essence of our brand, Lady Jane Gourmet Seed Co is we use hemp seeds as the main ingredient in all our non-gmo, gluten free products.
Our mission is to provide better access to healthful food choices.

Yes, we sell wholesale - contact Laura Noble, 586.995.4153 or email laura@cousinmaryjane.com with your contact information.

Our beautifully packaged products in our attractive POP display has been designed to attract and will let your retail customers know you care about offering good nutrition.

Have a coffee shop or deli? We offer our mixes in food service size/bulk.

Our Hempelicious HoneyNut Bar and GalaxSEED Energy Bar mixes are an excellent choice to add a unique, nutritious option in your deli or coffee shop. They're protein packed and great any time of day!  These no-bake mixes are quick & easy to put together in a counter or floor style mixer and they stay “fresh” for several days as they're shelf stable.

Our gluten free pancake mix is protein rich and offers an excellent option to a your menu and can be used to make crapes, waffles and even as a gluten free frying coating for vegetables or other food items.

(Please note, our bulk purchasing is not intended for repackaging.)

If you are a distributor and have an interest in carrying our product, contact us today laura@cousinmaryjane.com