The Cousin Mary Jane family

Lady Jane Gourmet Seed Co is an extension of our brand ambassador Cousin Mary Jane. We created Lady Jane to bring a sophisticated appeal to our hemp product line. She too is about hemp food nutrition and bringing to you nutritionally dense foods using hemp seeds. It all started because we want to share with people healthful eating. We hope you enjoy our products and will share information about us with your friends and family.

Jane' Promise... 

No GMO's, gluten free, soy free, all natural ingredients, dietary flexibility, NO hidden fillers, dyes, or artificial flavors; nutritious; and the best part, great taste!

The essence of our brands are to provide healthful food choices that are flexible for dietary needs and better access to healthy food choices. Hemp seeds provide maximum nutrition with minimum consumption. Hemp seeds are considered a low allergen food source and can generally be tolerated by those who cannot eat nuts, soy, dairy, fish, wheat, or other high allergen foods. All our products are mixed and manufactured in a certified gluten free, peanut free facility. We're gluten free by default, not because it's trendy. Other benefit include being able to cater to vegetarian and vegan lifestyle diets since hemp seeds are a complete plant based protein. 


Michigan Agriculture Committee and Lady Jane

Along with educating people on the outstanding nutrition in hemp seeds so people will include hemp into their daily diets; we're also passionate about advocating to bring industrial hemp back to U.S. farm fields. In 2014 Kevin Daley who was ahead of the Michigan Agriculture Committee introduced one of the two (2) Michigan Hemp Bills. I was honored when Representative Daley (R) asked me to testify before the agriculture committee and speak to them about the nutrition in hemp seeds.

Later that year when the Michigan Hemp Bills were signed into law by Governor Snyder, Representative Daley invited us to attend the signing.

It was an honor and boost for industrial hemp!

Lady Jane Gourmet Seed Co is a trademark of L & J Enterprises, Inc. a Michigan corporation. Other trademarks held by L & J Enterprises related to branding and products are GalaxSEED, Hempelicious, Hempagizer, and our hemp ambassador Cousin Mary Jane

We are trying to encourage people to Stop Bad Snacking and #EatSomeHemp.

Maximum Nutrition  |  Minimum Consumption

From our family to yours, we wish you good health.

Lady Jane and Family