Lady Jane Gourmet Seed Co is an emerging brand in an emerging market

Our goal is to be well known, respected, and loved.

We need talent! Come join us.

Make great money while engaging in an enjoyable job with purpose.

It’s not just about building our brand, its about building consciousness and educating people on sustainability.
  • Be a part of the industrial hemp revolution
  • Be a part of helping people have better access to healthful food choices.
  • Be a part of making a difference in your community

Industrial Hemp is on it's way back to U.S Farm Fields! Join in.

Become a distributor by investing in our Business in a Box program. You’ll purchase our sales kit which will give you everything you need to set up and display a successful table top and 10 x 10 tent for indoor and outdoor expos, including initial inventory. It’s lucrative, it's fun! You'll manage your time, decide on when, where, and what events you want to participate. Click here for more on our Business in a Box program.

Be an Outside Sales Associate and call on stores to resell our products. This is a commission based income structure. Open the door to new retail stores and distributors. If you are currently selling or brokering other products, we welcome you if the products are a good fit. Contact Laura Noble to have our sales contact sent to you for your review.

Be an Affiliate Sales Associate. Affiliate sales allows you to participate in selling our products from our website through a referral program. You will get a unique link that you can post to social media, blogs, websites, and/or email to your friend and family within your sphere of influence. When someone clicks through your unique link and purchases products from our website, you will earn a commission on what they purchase. We take care of the fulfillment, you simply promote our products. Sign on as one of our Affiliates by clicking here.

Be all three (3)! Yes, you can participate in all three (3) sales programs for rounded, excellent sales income. We welcome you and we're here to help you succeed!

Contact us here today for more detail.

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