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THE BEST PROTEIN IS FOUND IN HEMP!  There's 14 servings in a 1-lb bag, each serving is three (3) tablespoons, providing 16g of protein and 7.4mg of iron (40%). 

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To calculate your individual needs, one (1) tablespoon of Hempagizer will give you approximately 5g of protein. Hempagizer's 1 pound bag has 45 tablespoons.


  • Gluten Free, Grain Free, Whey Free
  • Non-GMO, Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Macro Friendly Dieting
  • No Soy, No Nuts, No Corn, No Wheat, No Dairy, No Sugar, No BS
  • Complete Plant Based Protein
  • Functional Food
  • Mild Nutty Flavor
  • Easy to Use
  • No Chalky After Taste

Hempagizer's mild nutty flavor makes it easy to add to smoothies or your favorite beverage. There's no chalky aftertaste like some protein powders. Plus there's more to Hempagizer than just an outstanding complete protein that carries 18 amino acid including the 9 essential amino acids necessary for healthy body function; it's an excellent source of iron, magnesium, phosphorus and numerous other vitamins and mineral for well rounded nutrition.

Don't limit it to smoothies! Hempagizer lends to baked goods and other recipes. Boost nutrition by substitute 1/2 of the flour called for in muffins or other baked good.

Pure, clean, an amino acid profile your body will love!

Check out the nutrition facts.

Hempagizer is the hemp seed that has been pressed and milled.

INGREDIENTS: Pressed and Milled Organic Hemp Seeds 14 servings per 1-lb (454g)

Why is hemp protein so great? There are many reasons, but this article may help to shed a bit more light on why is so awesome.

Hemp seed protein is 65% globulin edistin!

HEMP SEED PROTEINS AND THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF LIFE AND IMMUNITY: There are eight amino acids the human body cannot make and two more the body cannot make in sufficient quantity, which are essential to healthy living. A diet that misses out on any of these amino acids will eventually cause disease and death. These essential amino acids, along with eleven others the body can make, are chained together in accordance to genetic guidelines, via RNA formats from DNA blueprints, into structural proteins that give body to life, and into enzymes (globular proteins) that carry out the mechanics of living.

Hemp is not unique in having all the essential amino acids in its embryonic seed. What is unique about hemp seed protein is that 65% of it is globulin edistin. That is the highest in the plant kingdom. Globulins are one of seven classes of simple proteins. All enzymes, antibodies, many hormones, hemoglobin and fibrogin (the body converts fibrogin into non-soluble, fibrin, a blood clotting agent) are globular proteins. They carry out the main work of living.

Globulin is the third most abundant protein in the human body. Globulins perform many enzymatic (causing reactions to take place) functions within the plasma itself. More importantly, they are responsible for both the natural and acquired immunity a person has against invading organisms. The body uses globulin proteins to make antibodies which attack infecting agents (antigens) that invade the body. Globulins like gamma globulin are absolutely essential to maintain a healthy immune system. They neutralize alien microorganisms and toxins.

The best way to insure the body has enough amino acid material to make the globulins is to eat foods high in globulin proteins. Since hemp seed protein is 65% globulin edistin, and also includes quantities of albumin, its protein is readily available in a form quite similar to that found in blood plasma. Eating hemp gives the body all the essential amino acids required to maintain health, and provides the necessary kinds and amounts of amino acids the body needs to make human serum albumin and serum globulins like the immune enhancing gamma globulins.

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