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Our 1 ounce oral drops all have 40 servings per bottle.

1/2 dropper is a serving size (approximately 15-drops).

You will want to consume the oil by placing it under your tongue for at least 15 seconds or longer before swallowing so you'll get good absorption of the active ingredients within the extract (see below).

Each of our different SKUs for the oral drops carries a different concentration of the full spectrum phytocannabiniod (FSP) hemp extract oil. It's the concentration of the hemp extract oil that determines the milligrams within each serving that's being consumed. Each has it's own unique tasty flavor too.

  •  300mg Lemon Drop = 7.5mg FSP per 1/2 dropper
  •  500mg Cinnamon Drops = 12.5mg FSP per 1/2 dropper
  •  750mg Peppermint Drops = 18.75mg FSP per 1/2 dropper
  • 1000mg Hot Cinnamon Drops = 25mg FSP per 1/2 dropper

Depending on your situation, serving size recommendations can include, but are not limited to the following suggestions for oral drops. Each product's label does identify the milligram of the active ingredient in ½ dropper.

For mild conditions, 12mg to 15mg per day under the tongue, once to twice a day may do the trick. Others find 20mg to 25mg may be needed. Consuming in the early evening may help in getting a good night sleep. Another method is eating a few drops under the tongue; several times a day to help stimulate and aid concentration and to provide relieve from anxiety

Moderate conditions may require 50mg to 100mg daily to be effective, consuming a 25mg serving size, two to four times a day. Chronic issues may need 100mg to 400mg, or more daily. Consuming the oil under the tongue in smaller serving sizes (20mg to 25mg) several times throughout the day may be more effective in providing relief.

Sublingual, meaning “under the tongue”

is an excellent delivery option for consuming food based hemp extract oils. This is achieved by putting oral drops under the tongue. This route of administration diffuses the hemp extract’s active ingredients into the blood through tissues under the tongue. Keeping the oil under your tongue for a bit of time allows for maximum absorption of the active ingredients in the hemp extract oil.

If you have a chronic condition that requires consuming large amounts of phytocannabiniod hemp extract oils, contact us at 586.995.4153. We'd be happy to assist you with a reoccurring order which can provide you with better pricing and a steady flow of product so you don't run out.