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Pet PAWfection is a not only a premium omega supplement for your pets, it has been infused with full spectrum phytocannabinoid formula to help support their endocannabinoid system. The ECS is not unique to humans, all mammals have it; and like humans, it can break down. Providing phyto nutrients may help to restore and support the ECS.

Hemp seed oil is the main carrier oil in this blend. Some taste pleasing special natural flavorings have been added to make it a delicious treat for your pet. This grain free, plant based non-gmo, gluten free product is a winner. The balanced omega fatty acids in hemp oil are an anti-inflammatory agent.

The phytocompounds may help with pain management, increase mobility, decrease anxiety, reduce seizure, improve skin and fur conditions, reduce shedding and dandruff, support healthy organs and brain function, strengthen their immune system and promote good heart health.* (Just like with humans). It’s 100% raw and natural. Serving size is based on the animal’s weight.

Analysis Results

  • Moisture       < .2
  • Dry Matter  99.8%
  • Crude Protein  < .6
  • Crude Fat       96.9%
  • Total Fatty Acids 96.85%
  • RUFAL  80.68%
  • Ash  < .04
  • Crude Fiber  < .1

*Statements not evaluated by the AAFCO or FDA