hemp protein smoothie with hempagizer protein powder

EZ Hemp Protein Smoothie by Lady Jane

Laura Noble

hemp protein smoothie with hempagizer protein powderingredients for the EZ hemp protein shake

This is our Saturday Detroit Eastern Market staple - it keeps us going all day!

prep time      cook  time        total time
 3 mins           0  mins              3 mins



  1. Add all ingredients into blender (you don't need a fancy style blender)
  2. Blend it up!
  3. Pour over ice or add ice to blender mix for crushed up ice texture, your preference.

The combo of the Hemp Hearts and Hempagizer can't be beat! This provides about 20g of a complete protein carrying 20 amino acids, including the 9-essential amino acids. The omegas, iron, magnesium and all the other goodness gives the body what it needs to manage a healthful energetic day. Nothing is fortified, nothing isolated, no fillers - just the good stuff.

Want more protein?

Each TBSP (tablespoon) of Hempagizer provides about 5g or protein, so power it up the way you want. Keep in mind, since hemp protein absorbs well into the body, you may not need as much of Hempagizer as other protein powders in the marketplace.

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