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Censorship of Plant Based Protein - Hemp

Laura Noble

Better Access to Better Healthful Food Choices, that's always been Lady Jane Gourmet Seed Co's company's mission. Simple statement, but not a simple message to get across.

Plant-based protein is becoming a popular niche today. Lady Jane has been focused on plant-based nutrition since 2009. It's nothing new to us. What many consumers fail to realize, is plant-based proteins are not created equal.

Big brands pay big money to sway people into thinking they are buying and eating something of nutritional value. Pretty smiles from social media influencers capture people with not only artificial lives, but artificial food, fortified and isolated ingredients. Making claim of a healthy food choice, when in fact it's not!

Hemp seeds are a complete food. Not only is it a plant-based protein that carries 20-amino acids, the fatty acids (omegas), vitamins and minerals make it an excellent choice to include in your daily meal planning.

Add Lady Jane's hemp seeds to:

  • salads
  • cereal
  • oatmeal
  • granola
  • pasta
  • spaghetti squash
  • green beans
  • asparagus
  • spinach, raw or sauteed with garlic
  • mushroom sauteed with garlic and onions
  • kale
  • butter beans
  • ice cream
  • sprinkle on a banana with peanut butter

You get the idea!

The reason you may not know much about hemp seeds is because for the last 80-some-odd-years, people have been led to believe hemp is something that it's not.

Eating hemp seeds won't get you high, you won't fail a drug test either. It's a gluten free, plant based protein. Ounce per ounce, nothing is more nutrient dense than hemp seeds.

Educating people about hemp seed nutrition has its challenges because of censorship. Social media platforms Facebook and Instagram have blocked and deny us the ability to run sponsored ads. Our posts are seen by few people. Even this blog may end up having limited impact, but we try!

Other news media platforms are also swayed because networks don't want to take on something they feel to be controversial unless the intention is to have you believe what they want you to think - it's not about truth. Instead of educating people about what hemp actually is, most news medias have continued with the lies and yellow journalism that Randolph Hearst put before the public in the 1930's.

Hearst and other special interests intended to squash hemp cultivation throughout the world, and it wasn't really marihuana they were after even though U.S. drug policy was used to create this social injustice.

Not only does hemp provide one of the most nutrient dense foods we can eat, most anything made from petroleum (including PLASTIC), trees, and cotton can be produced from the hemp plant. Providing the raw materials for tens-of-thousands of useful everyday needed products. Check out this detailed YouTube(after all, if your in compliance with #stayHome #staySafe, you probably have the time)

During this COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of healthy eating is imperative; eating hemp seed foods should be part of your daily diet. I don't say that because I sell hemp seeds, I sell hemp seeds because it's a food people need.

Hemp seeds from little packs to big packages should be readily available to our first responders, medical personnel working in hospitals, the Army Corps of Engineers, food care packages being put together for people in need; in your cupboard to add to your meal. Our raw bar mixes are ideal for quick 'n easy nutrition.

What's the issue? Ignorance compounded by outdated federal and State policies.

Our immune system needs real food with real nutrition. Many of our foods have been compromised with GMO's, artificial ingredients, dyes and stuff that's causing our body to fight for it's life creating autoimmune problems.

Fight back #EatSomeHemp and tell a friend.

If you have commercial needs, email us or call 586.995.4153. We want to be a part of the solution and we're ready to respond to your needs. Shop online

StayHome, StaySafe, StayHealthy

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