"hate has no home here" yard sign

Inauguration Day 2017

Laura Noble

Today is special.

This isn't a day about being a Republican, Democrat, or Liberal. It's a day to celebrate and acknowledge that we live in a country where there's a transfer of power within our highest office. 

  • I have family and friends who love Hillary Clinton
  • I have family and friends who love Donald Trump

____________________________________________Bottom Line

  • Fundamentally we all want the same thing

Don't bend to the Divide and Conquer propaganda strategies that our news media is trying to cram down our throats.

It's very simple  |  Simply be thoughtful

Show and demonstrate love and respect to all people
  • Do your part by opening a door for someone
  • Do your part by paying someone a compliment
  • Do your part by saying something nice
  • Do your part by not complaining, but looking to what you can do to help
  • Do your part by not being so overly sensitive
  • Do your part by communicating with kind words and gesture
  • Do your part by being mindful that it starts with you and me

Then we're all winners! 

 #love #PassItOn - that's my #EatSomeHemp message for today. 






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