group of women who founded lady jane seed co

The Faces behind Cousin Mary Jane & Lady Jane Gourmet

Laura Noble

I saw a need for better healthful food and snack choices with clean ingredients; especially for children.

Hi I'm Laura Noble, (the red-head in the middle) creator of Cousin Mary Jane and Lady Jane Gourmet Seed Co. This all started because that cute little curly haired girl on the end (my granddaughter), and I had gone grocery shopping.  She handed me a yogurt she wanted me to buy.

I gave it back and asked her to read me the ingredients.

Of course, I had to help her sound out the words, but upon pronouncing one of the ingredients, she looked up at me and said, "Mammie, what's that?!"

You see, I was only following what my mom used to make me do (she's the charming woman with the glasses) ; and what I made my daughter do (she's the beautiful young lady holding my granddaughter, plus our cute logos are actually a character of her!) Yes, we are 4-generations blessed with family traditions.

"Exactly Ms P - THAT is not something you necessarily want to be eating."

I looked around the store. The shelves were stacked with wolves in sheep clothes. The marketing of food products targeting kids was worse than when my children were young. An abundance of products boasting of "healthy" when in fact they were filled with sugar, dyes, artificial flavors, ect. with very little nutrition.

It was at that moment in 2010, it came to me; I needed to bring hemp seeds into people's lives. I had no idea how; but I knew I had to advocate for industrial hemp and let people know of it's nutrition. As hemp seeds are one of the most nutrient dense foods to eat, yet they were nowhere to be found in that grocery store. 

You see, most people simply do not know and it's time they did.

The essence of our brand is we use hemp seeds as the main ingredient in all our non-gmo, gluten free products.


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