Cancer – Chemo – Cannabis

Cancer – Chemo – Cannabis

Laura Noble

This writing is not about people who have gained a better quality of life by using medical marijuana while being treated with chemotherapy for cancer, or folks who’ve claimed that Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has rid their body of cancer. This is another side of what cannabis can do.

Hemp is cannabis. Marijuana is cannabis. Hemp is NOT marijuana.

Proper nutrition is VITAL in fighting cancer. Chemo steals important nutrients and minerals from your body while making the attack to mitigate those nasty cancer cells.   

Hemp seed provide maximum nutrition with minimum consumption. Ounce per ounce there is no food source that is more nutrient dense and well-rounded with vitamins and minerals than hemp seeds. They’re an excellent source of magnesium too, which can be one of the many extremely important minerals that chemo robs from the body.

Yes, there are all kinds of supplements, chemically made drinks, and powder concoctions that are available for you to buy. More chemicals to try to beat the toxic effects of chemicals you’re already taking in. (Plz know, we aren’t passing judgment on chemotherapy as there are many folks who are alive because of chemo.)

We’re here to let you know there’s an easy, cost effective, REAL food that can help bring you the balanced nutrition you need. Hemp seeds!

  • You don't need a medical marijuana card to purchase them
  • You won't fail a drug test from eating them
  • You won't get high when consuming them

The fiber in the whole seed can help rid your body of the free radicals and sugars. The hulled hemp seed is an easy addition to anything, bringing you the nourishment your body craves. Adding a tablespoon of hemp protein powder with 3 to 4 tablespoons of hemp hearts to a smoothie will outdo anything you will find concocted in a supplement drink or one of those made-up powders from a plastic container. #EatSomeHemp

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