Grandfather Hemp & Cousin Mary Jane

Laura Noble

“Grandfather Hemp, I don’t understand; why have we been ostracized from farm fields in the United States?We did not do anything wrong.For centuries, our older kin ‘folk provided so much for the United States. At one time people were required to grow hemp on our soil.During World War II we headlined a government campaign titled, ‘ Hemp for Victory’.What happened?” asked Cousin Mary Jane.

“Well, Cousin Mary Jane”, replied Grandfather Hemp. “Some of the problem started with the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. Confusion, myths, dirty politics and some large corporations all contributed to our demise in being able to be cultivated by U.S. farmers. It’s a real shame, but the demand for hemp in the United States is growing again. However, currently, if companies or consumers want to engage in using the raw materials or eating foods from hemp, it must be imported from other countries. U.S farmers cannot grow the crop due to outdated federal policies which confuse industrial hemp with the THC variety of cannabis.”

“But Grandfather Hemp,” interrupted Cousin Mary Jane. “I thought the world, along with the United States was getting wiser to being more green. Hemp is the greenest crop that can be cultivated and the raw material of the hemp plant can be used to produce countless green products.”

“Yes, the science it there to support all this, Cousin Mary Jane, but it's not enough,” Grandfather Hemp responded.“Dirty politics, corporatism and lack of public knowledge continue this blockade against us. A field of hemp within a few months can provide the natural resources for so many things that are useful and strong, yet biodegradable that it is truly incredible. Growing hemp does not require a lot of water; tons of chemicals and pesticides are not needed; and it naturally provides nutrients back to the soil so farm fields are not stripped after it has been harvested. The growing of the hemp plant can actually clean the soil from contaminants. It’s called phytoremediation.”

“Further,” continued Grandfather Hemp. “Not only can hemp provide the world with a viable green energy source; as a food, I know of no other plant that can provide the nutritional value that comes from the hemp seed. Hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary to maintain healthy human life. The balance of the omega 3 and 6 within the hemp seed is considered a perfectly balanced oil for human consumption. It’s hard for me to understand why the food from the hemp seed is not utilized more to help feed starving children around the world. It’s quite silly really.”

“Grandfather Hemp, what can I do to help?” Inquired Cousin Mary Jane.

“Well Cousin Mary Jane," sighed Grandfather Hemp. "You will need to be an Ambassador and tell anyone who will listen. People must to be educated and understand all we can do. They need to know hemp is not a drug. If the United States would embraced the hemp industry, and allowed our farm fields to once again be abundant with hemp it would be wonderful.”

“The United States is the only industrial country that virtually prohibits its farmers from growing this low input, high cash yielding crop. Selling products and food of industrial hemp is perfectly legal. The U.S. economy could benefit from this whole industry. Our farm fields are perfect for growing hemp. The United States could be a world leader with the production of hemp products. It could mean JOBS! It could mean a greener earth!” claimed Grandfather Hemp. “But we need government to act on behalf of its people, not corporate interests, not on ignorance. We need people like you to help bring attention to this so as a crop we are not ignored any longer.”

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