Wolf Peaches, What?

Laura Noble

Wolf Peaches

Tomatoes – an interesting history: Tomatoes were once known as wolf peaches, and until around 1820, they were thought to be deadly poisonous. Over the years there has been much controversy as to whether a tomato was a fruit or a vegetable. Through most of the 1800’s, tomatoes were considered a fruit, and according to botanists, the tomato is a fruit.

On May 10, 1893, the Supreme Court of the United States set forth a ruling that legally made the tomato a vegetable. The reasoning behind this ruling was not to set the scientific record straight; it was to induce the ability to collect tax dollars. At that time, vegetables were taxable. Fruits were not. Like a lot of our governmental policies it was all about money, not necessarily truth.

In 1897, Joseph Campbell & Co with the help of a chemist developed a method of condensing tomato soup. In a time frame of about fifty years, this red-fleshy food went from public opinion thinking a person would die upon eating them to being canned and sold by fruit merchant, Joseph Campbell. Next time you munch on a grill cheese sandwich with a cup of tomato soup, thank Colonel Robert Gibbon Johnson for that yummy combo (Eat Hemp, Not Cheese & Gluten). He took it upon himself to disprove the myth about tomatoes being poisonous.

Colonel Johnson went to Salem, New Jersey on September 26, 1820, and stood on the courthouse steps and ate one tomato after another while the crowd watched in amazement. When he didn’t drop dead after making a spectacle of himself, folks quickly realized tomatoes were harmless and actually rather good to eat!

Botanically, I’m not aware that tomatoes and hemp have anything in common, but historically I find they share quite a parallel. For nearly a century, the American public has been misguided when it comes to hemp. Myths led the public into the wrong direction and our government succeeded in manipulating the truth.

Although hemp is a variety of cannabis, hemp carries no psychoactive elements, it is not a drug. The hemp seed provides one of the most nutritiously dense foods known to man. They are high in easily digestible protein and carry 18 amino acids, plus numerous vitamins and minerals. Hemp seeds provide one of the highest concentrations of polyunsaturated fatty acids categorized as Omega-6 and Omega-3 in an ideal 3:1 ratio; thus hemp seeds are considered a perfectly balanced super food.

Cousin Mary Jane is standing on the courthouse steps shouting to the world that eating hemp will not make you “HIGH”! You will not drop dirty if being tested for drugs. Hemp is not the belladonna that some would like you to think! Don’t let political propaganda keep you from good nutrition. Try Cousin Mary Jane's Toasted Hemp Seeds, they are delicious and nutritious. Did I mention public opinion?

Eat Hemp and You Eat healthy!

To Your Good Health,

Cousin Mary Jane

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