December 20, 2018 Marks a Happy Day for Hemp!

December 20, 2018 Marks a Happy Day for Hemp!

Laura Noble

Great news for the hemp industry! On December 20, 2018 President Trump signed the Farm Bill, which completely removed hemp from the Controlled Substance Act (CSA). This legalizes hemp cultivation throughout the United States. 

Finally we've joined the rest of the world and put an end to outdated U. S. Federal Drug Policy. It has also put a rest and cleared up the controversy regarding hemp extracts.

On 01/01/2019 all products produced from hemp are legal in all 50 States, including hemp extract oil products. Cannabinoids are included within this Bill, meaning cannabidiol (CBD's) from hemp are not a controlled substance.

(Please note, Cousin Mary Jane has always taken the position that CBDs from hemp were legal based on the 2004 Supreme Court ruling, which stated all products from hemp were legal), but now the message is 100% clear.

Hemp extracts, including CBDs derived from hemp plants are firmly identified as NOT being a controlled substance!  (Eat your heart out DEA and Big Pharma!) Hemp is not a drug, it never has been.

Special interest's have worked for over 80-years to keep hemp from U.S. farm fields and away from being utilized for food, fiber, fuel, medicine, and more. Hemp was miss-classified decades ago when it was erroneously placed within the Control Substance Act by President Nixon. The time has come and we can move forward doing the Happy Dance!

Cousin Mary Jane, Lady Jane Gourmet Seed Co and Better Way Botanicals have been working since 2010 to bring you top quality hemp products and advocating for this change. We were the first manufacturer in Michigan to apply and receive our license for packaging and selling hemp seed food products. Our company's mission has been to bring better access to better healthful choices. We're very excited to continue and bring you more! 

We recognize we didn't do it alone! We thank our customers and all the advocates wholeheartedly for your support and encouragement. We look forward to bringing more hemp into more people's lives. May 2019 bring you a Healthful New Year.


Cousin Mary Jane

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